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Message from the Chairman
Valued Clients,
MULTIPLAN LIMITED was set up with a clear vision: is to be the leading provider in the country’s real estate industry by 2014 through providing professional, accurate and timely services to our clients. However, as visionary company from the start and as the leading organization in the industry and in the market, MULTIPLAN has outlined the future of real estate development by delivering outstanding service and value to our clients as well as unique investment opportunities and superior return to our investors.
MULTIPLAN enjoys the strength of several associated companies and this has enhanced its capabilities in terms of technical, financial and logistic support. It started business in the health care sector under the title Compath Limited and once upon a time it became the market leader in diagnosing illness in health care sector. Afterwards it diversified its business in numerous sectors like- Insurance etc. Golden Life Insurance Limited is a major player in the life insurance sector.
In the last few years MULTIPLAN has significantly strengthened its leading position in this sector by successful completion of some notable projects and adding major new projects to its portfolio. It has successfully handed over second largest shopping mall in the country MULTIPLAN CENTRE at the busiest shopping hub New Elephant Road. With a view to provide excellence in living comfort and to solve the city’s present housing backlog we have introduced one of the biggest apartment complex MULTIPLAN RED CRESCENT CITY comprising 909 apartments with joint venture program with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society. Also to extend the housing facility outside the Dhaka city we started biggest apartment complex MULTIPLAN SHAHJALAL CITY in the holy land Hazrat Shahjalal(R.A), the Sylhet. We set a goal and are moving ahead to deliver 1200 apartment units successfully within a short period.
We are committed to bringing the best practices of the real estate industry and to match it with the most advanced and relevant technologies to bring a complete solution to our clients. Our team-approach philosophy ensures client’s needs which are important to each and every member of our organization. Their great dedication, professionalism and customer-oriented performance have led the company to the leading position of the industry.
We look forward to further cementing this reputation by seeking support from our clients, associates and stakeholders.
In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to our clients, associates and stakeholders for their fruitful supports in assisting the company in achieving desired results in the last years.
Engr. Syed Munsif Ali
Chairman & CEO
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